Satellite Communication (SATCOM) Equipment and On-Demand Bandwidth


Get antennas from key OEMs such as AQYR, Sat-Lite, Cobham, GetSat, Norsat, and more for your flyaway, vehicle-mounted, maritime, or aerial platform requirements. We also do fixed VSAT and gateway ground stations.

On-Demand and Occasional Use Bandwidth Services

Don’t commit to long-term bandwidth contracts any longer! We provide global satellite bandwidth services with daily, weekly, monthly, or per usage options from key providers such as LBiSat, ITC Global, Intelsat, and more.

Cellular & Network Bonding Systems

Multiple Connections are Better Than One

Don’t rely on a single connection for your mission critical communications anymore. Network Bonding is the process of combining two or more Internet connections into a single connection that has more bandwidth, enhanced security, and increased reliability (redundancy).  Load Balancing and Failover routers still rely on the bandwidth from a single connection at a time, whereas Network Bonding COMBINES the bandwidth into one connection.

Increased Bandwidth – All connection inputs are aggregated into a single connection, meaning packets are passed over all connections simultaneously.

Reliability – Each internet connection acts as a redundant transmission path, so failover due to the loss of individual links is seamless with no packet or socket loss (unlike load balancing).

Security – The bonded connection features full AES 256-bit encryption (FIPS 140-2 certified).  Since packets are distributed over all connections, the encrypted data is even further secured since a would-be attacker would have to obtain access to all connections.

Network Bonding combines the bandwidth of multiple internet connections by spreading IP packets over all available connections. If a failure occurs on one of the connections, the bonding system will seamlessly and intelligently maintain the session on the other connections.

Network Bonding vs Load Balancing

Existing multi-connection technology typically leverages “Load Balancing,” which simply sends specific traffic sessions (sockets) over a particular connection.  However, despite being able to failover to a new connection if one fails, each socket can only pass over one connection at a time.

Network Bonding combines the internet connections into a single bandwidth stream, which is vastly more efficient and provides an aggregate speed increase. Large single socket (session) packet transfers get to use all the connections at once, not just one.

With Network Bonding:

  • Large, single socket packet transfers are possible such as VPN, downloads/uploads, and video streaming
  • Bandwidth is combined into a single connection versus separate connections
  • Divides data across multiple connections at the packet level
  • Maximum bandwidth potential is the sum of all connections
  • When a failure of a connection occurs, failover to the remaining connections is seamless with no loss of sockets or packets

With Load Balancing:

  • Simply chooses the “best” path for particular sessions (sockets) to pass through
  • Only divides data at the socket level
  • Maximum bandwidth potential is only as much as the single connection the socket is going through, meaning VPN connections, video streams, and downloads only leverage ONE connection
  • When failover occurs, an interruption occurs until a new socket can be established in a different connection

Link Box Lite

Global Cellular Data

Affordable, Flexible, and Convenient Global Cellular Data

One SIM card provides seamless cellular connectivity nearly anywhere in the world.


One SIM card provides access to cellular data in over 200 countries with seamless roaming. High-speed 4G LTE available in most countries.


Don’t rely on just one carrier – get access to multiple cellular carriers in many countries.


Flat per-GB pricing with NO activation fees, NO monthly recurring fees, and credit never expires. Simple pre-paid format.


Put multiple SIMs in one group and only pay for the data the group uses. NO individual line rate plans or activations required. Use this in bonded cellular applications to get an aggregate bandwidth increase without a data cost increase.


Simple, intuitive management portal allows you to add funds, manage SIM cards, create groups, and track usage.

Resellers - Offer LTE Data to YOUR Customers

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SIM Card Details

SIM Cards are $20 each with shipping to United States locations included.

For international shipping, please contact us for a quote.

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    Wireless Mesh & MANET Networks

    Expand the reach of your connectivity to all devices, platforms, and personnel in the field with Silvus IP MIMO Radios

    Silvus’ StreamCaster series of IP MIMO Radios creates an encrypted wireless MESH network that can pass up to 100 Mbps of encrypted IP data. With the right antennas and positioning, extreme ranges of over 100 miles can be achieved.

    Line-of-sight NOT required –Silvus Technologies’ proprietary waveform technology doesn’t require line-of-sight and can penetrate obstacles much more efficiently than other RF and microwave technologies.

    Self-Healing Mesh Network – Each radio acts as a repeater for all radios in the network, meaning a radio at extended range can use the other radios to route the IP data back to the satellite data link site. All of this is done automatically with zero input required from the user.

    AES 256 and FIPS 140-2 Encryption – All data on the wireless network is 100% encrypted and secure.

    Radio-over-IP Compatibility – Interface your existing HF/VHF/UHF land mobile radios to create an ad hoc repeater network when terrestrial infrastructure goes down.

    Powered by the cutting-edge MN-MIMO waveform:


    • Auto link adaptation to continually optimize throughput in dynamic environments
    • Exceptional Multipath and NLOS performance
    • Enhanced mobility for high-speed platforms
    • 5, 10, and 20MHz bandwidth modes


    • New TX Beamforming (40~100% increased range and 50~150% increase in throughput)
    • Spatial Multiplexing (enhanced throughput)
    • Space Time Coding (enhanced robustness)
    • RX Beamforming (enhanced reception)


    • Self-healing/self-forming mesh
    • Single frequency Time Division Duplexing (TDD)
    • Up to 380 nodes in a single network
    • All topologies supported including star, hub/spoke, series/relay, fixed backbone infrastructure, and hybrid


    • Rugged IP68 construction
    • 1 x Ethernet, 2 x USB, 1 x RS232 interfaces
    • Push-to-talk (PTT) voice with HD quality G.722 encoding
    • Up to 128GB onboard storage
    • AES256 encryption (FIPS140-2 w/ Suite B algorithms)
    • WiFi and GPS via external dongles
    • Dual frequency bands in a single radio (most licensed and unlicensed bands available)
    • Ultra-low latency (avg. 7ms per hop)
    • Embedded network management GUI with advanced tools and diagnostics
    • Cursor on Target (CoT) messaging for interoperability with ATAK and WinTAK

    DoD & Federal Government

    Legacy single antenna radio systems are no longer adequate when it comes to meeting the requirements of modern military operations. Military radio communication now demands more range, data throughput and robustness than ever before. With deep roots in advanced US Military research, Silvus Technologies understands the high-stakes demands placed on today’s military operations. We have leveraged this expertise to develop the world’s first MIMO radio optimized for tactical applications. Our current line of StreamCaster radios improves the capacity, range and reliability of data and high bandwidth video transmission, achieving never-before-seen performance in the difficult conditions that impact every mission.

    Airborne ISR

    Silvus Technologies takes airborne ISR communications to the next level. Confidently connect your command post, mission aircraft, HQ and every other mobile or stationary field asset. Silvus’ MN-MIMO technology creates a reliable high-throughput connection between your air and ground assets that easily outperforms legacy FM and COFDM systems. Advanced multiple input multiple output (MIMO) antenna techniques enable you to combine downlink video with high-speed uplink/downlink data in a single frequency bi-directional or mesh communication system. Achieve superb spectral efficiency, enhanced range and reliable performance in a variety of environments, from pure line-of-sight to extreme non-line-of-sight.

    Emergency Management & Law Enforcement

    When accurate snap judgments are a part of every operation, your teams must be able to share critical video and data that helps your teams operate more quickly, safely and systematically. Silvus StreamCaster radios provide the vital link between all your assets, from in-building, to command post, to mission aircraft, to HQ, and everywhere in-between.  Radio-over-IP compatibility means that your existing HF/VHF radios will have an ad-hoc repeater network even when repeater infrastructure goes down.

    Media & Broadcast

    Silvus systems are capable of providing superior performance in situations where high-throughput wireless video and data transmission is a necessity, such as newsgathering, live sports and production shoots in remote or challenging locations. By relying on a proprietary self-healing, self-forming mesh technology in either licensed or unlicensed frequency bands, Silvus MN-MIMO radios are a single network solution for complex broadcasting situations. Use for wireless camera systems, newsgathering vehicles, or on Point of View (POV) video shots since line of sight is NOT required.

    Silvus StreamCaster 4400

    Silvus StreamCaster 4200

    Battery & Solar Systems

    Rugged, modular, and scalable battery & solar power systems

    Communications, surveillance, and field equipment are only as reliable as their power source. A Solar Stik alternative energy system is an autonomous source of power. If the grid goes down or the generator fails, our customers still have the power to complete their missions, anywhere in the world.

    Portable – Solar Stik designs and builds portable power solutions. The components that comprise their systems are human portable and specifically engineered for the 0.5 kW to 10 kW power spectrum.

    Adaptable – The Solar Stik System can adapt to meet specific power needs and changing environmental conditions. The open architecture design with easy-to-use, Plug & Play connections gives users the flexibility to incorporate advanced technologies and select power generation, energy storage, and power management options to create an optimized configuration for the application.

    Scalable – Solar Stik power systems can be scaled up or down as conditions change. All components in the system can quickly be daisy-chained together with an identical component, allowing users to balance system capabilities between power demands and requirements.

    Durable – Solar Stik Systems are ruggedized, durable, and provide power in the most punishing environments in the world. They apply MIL-810G Standards in the construction of the components integrated in the systems.

    Choose from standard fully integrated battery systems or have a custom system designed for your application.

    Field Services

    • Field Technical Support
    • Deployment Services
    • Consulting
    • Requirements Gathering & Defining
    • Project Management
    • Sales Engineering Support