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A new paradigm in solution delivery

Transpondr’s Leasing Platform was designed from the ground up to provide flexible, creative equipment leasing and recurring service bundling to government and commercial organizations.  Get a custom “as a service” solution from a single vendor with a single recurring payment. 

Leasing Procurement Model

  • Operating funds expenditure (OPEX) for equipment
  • Spread procurement cost over multiple budget cycles
  • Equipment can be partially or completely refreshed at lease term renewal
  • Manufacturer warranty included for full length of lease term
  • Defer first lease payment to the next budget cycle so you can get the equipment now and pay later

Legacy Procurement Model

  • Capital funds expenditure (CAPEX) for equipment
  • Must pay for equipment in one budget cycle
  • Rapid technological change means equipment gets outdated quickly
  • High long-term cost of ownership due to sustainment and obsolescence
  • Current budget often does not cover current needs


In the current technology solutions paradigm, end customers must typically purchase equipment up front as a capital expenditure (CAPEX) and then subscribe to any desired recurring services as an operating expenditure (OPEX).  In high-tech industries such as satellite and telecommunications, high up-front equipment costs are often an obstacle for organizations to get the solutions they need and for vendors to close more business.


Transpondr’s leasing platform was built specifically to shift how turnkey solutions are built and delivered.  We can lease to federal government, state & local government, and commercial organizations. Today, we utilize our Leasing Platform to deliver fully bundled subscription-based connectivity services to broadcasters, local government, federal agencies, and enterprise organizations.

What services can be bundled into the lease?

  • Satellite Bandwidth
  • IT Management Services
  • Cyber Security Services
  • Field Support Technicians
  • Program Management
  • Software Licensing
  • Extended Warranties
  • Training Services
  • And More…..
What equipment can be leased?

  • Satellite Terminals
  • Baseband Equipment
  • Telecommunications Hardware
  • Networking & IT Systems
  • Radios
  • Battery & Power Systems
  • Vehicles
  • UAS Platforms
  • And More….

DOD & Federal Government

Utilize your operations & maintenance (O&M) funds to get the equipment and services you need, today. Procurement is made easy through our status as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business and our access to multiple contract vehicles. Leases meet government clause and language requirements.

State & Local Government

Overcome budgetary constraints and get the equipment and services you need, today. Spread costs out over multiple budget cycles without incurring debt. Keep your solution current and up to date with included manufacturer’s warranty and the ability to refresh the equipment every lease renewal.

Commercial & Enterprise

Get the equipment and services you need today without having to account for high-cost depreciating assets. A Lease allows you to receive equipment and services “as a service” rather than as a capital procurement. Utilize our connectivity solutions for business continuity and network optimization.

Media & Broadcast

Get bonded cellular, satellite, production equipment, and even a complete newsgathering vehicle and services bundled into a single recurring lease. Save money by not operating or renting satellite uplink trucks – get your own connectivity solution with a lease (see Apollo Turnkey Solution).

Service Providers & Resellers

Bundle leased equipment in with your recurring services to offer your customers a complete “as a service” solution. We handle the payment and management of lease and take on all risk with government termination clauses. We buy the equipment up front and in FULL from you or the OEM.

OEMs & Integrators

Offer leasing as an additional procurement path, access alternative funding sources, and bundle additional high-margin add-ons such as extended warranty, training, accessories, and recurring services. We buy the equipment up front and in FULL from you.